PDF-eXPLODE® Version 4

Once again, we've taken user feedback to heart and extended PDF-eXPLODE's capabilities to meet critical business needs. Version 3 packs the power and scalability to meet your most demanding information delivery requirements. If you are still using Version 1 or Version 2, see what you missed in Version 3.

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Many Reasons to Upgrade

Windows Support

Program Architecture

Exploding / E-mailing Options

Administration Enhancements

Utility Programs

Retired Features

System Requirements
  • Windows Operating System: MicrosoftÒ Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003Ò, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista™ or Windows 7
  • Hard Drive: Minimum 52.5MB of free disk space, plus additional space for PDF files created
  • RAM: At least 64MB of free RAM, more during PDF creation

For more information, contact +612-414-912053 or info@PDF-eXPLODE.com. .