PDF-eXPLODE® Version 3

Once again, we've taken user feedback to heart and extended PDF-eXPLODE's capabilities to meet critical business needs. Version 3 packs the power and scalability to meet your most demanding information delivery requirements.

10 Reasons to Upgrade

  1. Server Editions Now Available

    Support more PDF-eXPLODE users with less work. Multiple users can share a single instance of PDF-eXPLODE on a PDF-eXPLODE server. Three different server configurations are supported - a different license is available for each configuration:
    • PDF-eXPLODE Terminal Server:

      Licensed per concurrent user, this edition works on a Microsoft Terminal Servicer or a Citrix Server product.
    • PDF-eXPLODE Printer Server:

      Licensed per concurrent user, this edition works on any computer with PDF-eXPLODE configured as a shared printer.
    • PDF-eXPLODE Report Server:

      Licensed per server, this edition works on BusinessObjects Enterprise, Crystal Reports Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and other servers that run a report scheduler service.

  2. HTML Format E-mail Messages

    Create great looking e-mails using HTML. E-mail messages can be formatted using HTML, providing the ability to use fonts and styles, colors, headings, paragraphs, bulleted and number lists, hyperlinks and images. A built-in HTML editor is provided or you may use another HTML editor.

  3. Send E-mail Using Outlook (MAPI)

    E-mail may be sent through Microsoft Outlook (i.e. a MAPI client), rather than sending through an SMTP server. This allows you to edit e-mails before sending and to save copies in the Sent folder.

  4. Increased Capacity

    Changes in the PDF-eXPLODE architecture improve support for larger and more complex documents.

  5. PDF-eXPLODE Tag Enhancements

    You can now include CC and BCC e-mail addresses in the <pdfexplode></pdfexplode> tag.

  6. Do More with Variables

    Take control and communicate more using variables.
    • You can now use a variable to provide the e-mail From address.
    • The number of variables supported has been expanded to six to allow for the From address.
    • You can now include commas within variable values such as company names (e.g. United Data Strategies, Inc.) and numbers (e.g. $1,234).

  7. More Flexible Cover Sheets

    Now you have more ways to use cover sheets in your e-mails.
    • A cover sheet may now be inserted either at the beginning or the end of the exploded PDF, or as a second attachment to an e-mail.
    • A cover sheet may now be specified on a specific Default Message ID Tag, Client Details or a Client-specific Message ID Tag.
    • Quick Mail now allows you to attach another PDF document, such as a cover sheet.

  8. Fax Server Support

    A new E-mail Address Format option allows you to control the format of the e-mail addresses you are sending to, which is useful for sending e-mails to a fax server.

  9. Powerful New Utilities

    • A new Completed Processing Notification option allows you to specify a process to be executed at the end of processing, such as a .BAT or .EXE. You can use this feature to copy, move or delete PDF files and more.
    • A new PDF Combiner utility enables you to combine multiple master PDF files that may then be exploded to send multiple reports to a recipient in a single PDF attachment.
    • A new PDF Viewer utility is included.

  10. Other Conveniences

    • PDF-eXPLODE Options have a new user interface making it easier to navigate.
    • A new Cancel item on the Printer Menu makes it easier to cancel a document that is being processed.
    • Changes in the PDF-eXPLODE architecture improve its ability to withstand antivirus software attempts to disable/remove PDF-eXPLODE program components.

System Requirements
  • Windows Operating System: MicrosoftÒ Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003Ò, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista™ or Windows 7
  • Hard Drive: Minimum 52.5MB of free disk space, plus additional space for PDF files created
  • RAM: At least 64MB of free RAM, more during PDF creation

  • For more information, contact +612-414-912053 or info@PDF-eXPLODE.com. .