PDF-eXPLODE® Version 2

We listened to user feedback and enhanced PDF-eXPLODE to give you the features you want most. Version 2 offers even more flexibility and efficiencies in publishing and delivering time-sensitive information.

10 Reasons to Upgrade

  1. Mail Merge:

    We’ve added mail merge capabilities so you can personalize e-mails by including variables in your tag and inserting the variables within your e-mail subject and message.

  2. Cover Page:

    Now you can insert a cover page or document at the beginning of every PDF file. Use this feature to include a newsletter or announcement for greater efficiency and impact.

  3. Dynamic File Naming:

    You can better organize your PDF files by supplying the desired folder and file names in the tag. Each PDF can be directed to a specified folder and each file name computed according to your business rules. You can also now include or remove a timestamp on file names, allowing you to preserve multiple versions of a PDF or overwrite them and reduce clutter.

  4. Multiple Output Destinations:

    Now you can choose whether to e-mail, print and/or archive a document, depending upon business rules and customer preferences.

  5. Powerful E-mail Addressing:

    You can now send a document to a distribution list. For example, you can associate the name “Managers” with the e-mail addresses of specific managers. This feature is especially useful if your database does not contain the necessary e-mail addresses. You can also send a document to multiple recipients by including their e-mail addresses in the tag, giving you the flexibility to control distribution by applying business rules at run-time. There is also now a BCC option to send blind copies.

  6. More E-mail Options:

    You can specify a different sender name for each type of document based on the Message ID or the specific client. You can also set the importance and sensitivity of your e-mail messages. And you can set a time delay between e-mails to prevent e-mail server errors arising from too many simultaneous connections.

  7. Quick Mail:

    A new Quick Mail feature lets you manually e-mail ad hoc documents without inserting the customary tag. Plus, if you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you can select e-mail addresses from your existing contact list.

  8. Enhanced Password Protection:

    You can apply a global password to all documents to provide basic security with minimal effort, or you can include individual user passwords in the tag to use existing passwords from your database.

  9. Added Security:

    PDF-eXPLODE now supports SSL and TLS, two of the most common types of e-mail encryption used by e-mail services such as Google™ G-mail™.

  10. Other Conveniences:

    Silent Mode now offers the option to suppress all status windows so you can continue working without interruption during large batch processing. Each time PDF-eXPLODE options are modified, a backup copy is automatically saved in a user-specified folder. PDF files may be optionally backed up to prevent overwriting existing files. Also, when running PDF-eXPLODE from a command line, the print queue window no longer remains open after processing has completed.

For more information, contact +612-414-912053 or info@PDF-eXPLODE.com. .