What do Users think about PDF-eXPLODE?

"As a sixteen year Crystal Reports specialist and veteran, I am thrilled with PDF-eXPLODE. It is one of the most clever applications I've encountered for small and medium sized businesses. It is saving two of my customers HOURS AND HOURS of time every month - and the support is superior. Prompt responses to emails and questions, and a tireless search for the best solution to any problem we may have encountered. Do not hesitate to buy and use PDF-eXPLODE."

"By combining the functionality of Crystal Reports with PDF-eXPLODE, we are now able to create and distribute hundreds of individual reports in under 15 minutes, a process that took us days in the past. PDF-eXPLODE saves us $700 a month. and we’re able to generate more revenue because my staff can focus on their core goals. Buying PDF-eXPLODE was a no-brainer"

"We appreciate how much using this program has facilitated a big job AND saved us a ton of money every month in supplies (printing, toner, envelopes, staples, labels, etc.) and POSTAGE! Your program not only saves us on the expense of supplies and postage but also saves us time too, which is equivalent to money saved!"

"We process around 550 Client Statements each month from our accounting software which was lacking an automated document delivery feature. With PDF-eXPLODE’s ability to link to most business software, we were able to quickly convert from the old cumbersome method of printing, sorting and mailing to a simple painless electronic process. PDF-eXPLODE creates and saves a PDF copy of each multi page statement to a nominated folder on the hard drive and emails the PDF statement to our clients in approximately one hour all up. All this was possible with just the click of the PRINT button and we were even able to walk away and continue work on other important business. The process is automatic with no requirement to interact with the program. It goes without saying that the savings in time, postage and labor paid for the system within a short space of time. And the after sales support from 3000AD Systems, developers of the product, is courteous, fast and second to none."

"Our company installs rents and maintains indoor plants and planters in offices and each month send out about 1200 invoices. We produce our invoices using Crystal Reports and the Vision accounting package. In the past we would print and mail out 1200 invoices. The invoices are now either emailed direct, or faxed through a faxing company all using PDF-eXPLODE. Our estimated saving per month in time and direct costs is about $1000.00. The support provided by 3000AD SYSTEMS has been first class. They setup PDF-eXPLODE to fit in with the way we work."

"Northern Pipe Products Inc. entered the marketplace in 1979, and manufactures the highest quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe. We back our products with a level of service second to none in the industry. We use PDF-eXPLODE daily to send invoices to customers and sales reps. PDF-eXPLODE was easy to set-up and use and saves us time and money. About 75% of our 5,000 annual invoices are sent using PDF-eXPLODE, which we have estimated to be a saving of around $3,750 annually. But there are also some intangible items that are important, like the speedy delivery of customer invoices. I have been very happy with 3000AD /PDF-eXPLODE support. From the initial support when I first went from trial to a purchased product (2010), to the help I received recently for a server migration was great. The tech support people were quick to respond and very knowledgeable."

"Kinetic Concept, a national medical device company, has used PDF-eXPLODE for the past five years. KCI used it to replace a rigid web-based system that supported over 1,200 sales reps. The software emailed PDF sales performance reports along with staff rollups to the District Managers and Regional Vice Presidents. KCI was able to downsize its commission department and significantly improve its field reporting. PDF-eXPLODE staff always answered questions and provided support within 24 hours. We highly recommend this product as a low cost solution that is easy to use."

"Denali Group (www.denaligroup.com) is known globally for our experience and expertise in relocation services. With over 54 years moving commercial shipments as well as military personnel, we coordinate local, regional and international relocations from beginning to end. When researching document e-delivery options that would integrate with our MS Dynamics applications, PDF-eXPLODE rose to the top. It was straight forward to implement and has proven a great solution for automating the emailing of invoices. We are currently looking at other applications to extend PDF-eXPLODE to. The support and attention received from 3000AD SYSTEMS was excellent."

PDF-eXPLODE has over 1000 Users spread across more than 26 countries. Here are some of the countries with Users:

USA, Canada Brazil, Argentina Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Antigua, Bahamas
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Israel South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Cyprus
China, India, Malaysia, Singapore     Australia, New Zealand

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