How to Get Help

Priority Support is provided at no charge for the first 60 days from the time of purchase, and is available for purchase thereafter on an annual or per-incident basis.

If you require support, please drop us an email at with details of your issue, when does the issue occur, and send us the logs -
[INSTALL FOLDER]\LOGS\%User%\pdfexplode.log & pexspooler.log

If you do not have a support plan, your email will still be responded to, with a maximum of TWO emails. Should the problem persist and you require an onsite internet visit and further emails, you will be required to take out a (paid) annual support plan.

Join a Net Support Session

If you have requested an on-site support session, then to start a support session on your site with one of our support technicians, click this icon to commence the session:

A support executable file, which will allow us to connect to your PC, will commence downloading to your PC. You must run this 7 Mb file and it will then display a DISCLAIMER.

Please read and accept this disclaimer to continue. Next, a support screen displaying a session ID will appear. This session ID is automatically transferred to our network and can be seen by your support analyst within a couple of minutes of you starting the team session.

When your support analyst sees your incoming connection, he will then send you a request to ‘Allow’ him to connect to your PC to which you must respond in order to start the support session. As easy as that!

Tech Tips

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