How PDF-eXPLODE can Help

Entering the Digital Age unprepared, can be daunting – Right? Are office inefficiencies and delays, creeping into your business without any warning along with stiff challenges from competitors? Why don’t you consider partnering with PDF-eXPLODE for fast-tracking electronic document delivery and archiving of information or any Bulk PDF emailing.

Lauded as one of the popular PDF document burster tools, PDF-eXPLODE adds value as a powerful automation widget to your office. The tool enables Crystal Reports bursting of PDF documents for multiple invoicing and emailing requirements. As a result, it powers your business to generate increased efficiency and powerful performances.

Seriously Big Savings

Are you serious about saving money? Investing in manual processing efforts for tedious tasks like printing, sorting, collating, folding, enveloping, and posting consumes most of your time. Consequently, the business suffers a thousand times and costs saving is a distant dream. Besides, the indignation among the workers, along with disturbed business operations give way to chaotic circumstances. End result – loss of peace in the office environment and unsavory costs.

With the PDF-eXPLODE tool, not only can you manage large document batches in a short time (250 Invoices can be exploded, emailed and archived to the hard drive in under 15 mins) but also benefit from :

  • hard benefit of postage, stationery costs and labor time/costs saved and
  • soft benefits of more efficiency, streamlined processes and time saved to do other work.


And here comes the best part, the End users will need no programming skills as this PDF tool is an easy-to-use, simple to understand, and robust piece of software. Whether it’s sending off personalized documents to recipients or good-looking Emails with colored fonts and images embedded to prospective clients, PDF-eXPLODE gives your Business a sharper edge, especially sprucing up communications to your target audiences.

Report Bursting And Bulk E-Mailing Made Easy

  • PDF-eXPLODE bursts and e-mails any PDF document to save you time & money!

  • Print to PDF-eXPLODE and reports are split into individual PDF files to Email, Print or Archive.

  • Automate high-volume report PDF delivery to customers, employees, and suppliers.

  • Burst Crystal Reports and other report formats for invoices, statements, Purchase Orders, etc.

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