PDF-eXPLODE® Version 3 Offers Power, Scalability to Support More Complex Distribution Jobs

Introduces New Architecture and Multi-User Server Options

MAYNARD, Massachusetts, February 1, 2010 – PDF-eXPLODE, an electronic document distribution tool, is launching Version 3 today to give small- and mid-size businesses more power and flexibility to tackle the complexities of publishing and delivering business-critical information, according to the product’s U.S. distributor, United Data Strategies.

With a click of the printer button, PDF-eXPLODE converts a report, a Microsoft Office document or a mail merge document into a batch of individual PDF attachments and securely and reliably e-mails them to the designated recipients. Used in combination with a task scheduler, users can automate routine, personalized mailings for hands-free delivery.

“Once again, we've taken user feedback to heart and extended PDF-eXPLODE's capabilities to provide more robust solutions to meet essential business needs,” said Robert Hershfield, president of United Data Strategies. Now companies can undertake larger distribution jobs with PDF-eXPLODE. A new architecture has been designed for bigger and more complex jobs, and new server versions support multiple users. Version 3 packs the power and scalability to meet your most demanding information delivery requirements.”

New Version 3 Features and Benefits Defined

Below is a rundown of feature highlights:

Server Editions Now Available:

Multiple users can now share a single instance of PDF-eXPLODE on a PDF-eXPLODE server, allowing businesses to support more users with less work. Three different serverconfigurations are supported:

  • PDF-eXPLODE Terminal Server:

    Licensed per concurrent user, this edition works on a Microsoft Terminal Server or a Citrix Server product.
  • PDF-eXPLODE Printer Server:

    Licensed per concurrent user, this edition works on any computer with PDF-eXPLODE configured as a shared printer.
  • PDF-eXPLODE Report Server:

    Licensed per server, this edition works on BusinessObjects Enterprise, Crystal Reports Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and other servers that run a report scheduler service.
  • HTML Format E-mail Messages:

    E-mail messages can be formatted using HTML, providing the ability to use fonts and styles, colors, headings, paragraphs, bulleted and number lists, hyperlinks and images. A built-in HTML editor is provided, or you can use another HTML editor.

    Send E-mail Using Outlook (MAPI):

    E-mail can be sent through Microsoft Outlook (i.e., a MAPI client) rather than an SMTP server, allowing you to edit e-mails before sending and to save copies in the Sent folder.

    Increased Capacity:

    Changes in the PDF-eXPLODE architecture support larger and more complex documents.

    PDF-eXPLODE Tag Enhancements:

    You can now include CC and BCC e-mail addresses in the tag

    Do More with Variables:

    You can take control and communicate more using variables, including:

    • Providing the e-mail From address
    • Referencing up to six variables
    • Placing commas within variable values such as company names (e.g., United Data Strategies, Inc.) and numbers (e.g., $1,234).

    More Flexible Cover Sheets:

    Now you have more ways to use cover sheets in your e-mails, including:

    • Inserting it either at the beginning or the end of the exploded PDF, or as a second attachment to an e-mail.
    • Specifying it on a specific Default Message ID Tag, Client Details or a Client-specific Message ID Tag.
    • Attaching another PDF document via Quick Mail.

    Fax Server Support:

    A new E-mail Address Format option allows you to control the format of the e-mail addresses you are sending to, which is useful for sending e-mails to a fax server.

    Powerful New Utilities:

    • A new Completed Processing Notification option allows you to specify a process to be executed at the end of processing, such as a batch file (.BAT) or executable file (.EXE). You can use this feature to copy, move or delete PDF files and more.
    • A new PDF Combiner utility enables you to combine multiple master PDF files that can then be exploded to send multiple reports to a recipient in a single PDF attachment.
    • A new PDF Viewer utility is included.

    Anti-virus Software Compatibility:

    Changes in the PDF-eXPLODE architecture improve its ability to withstand antivirus software attempts to disable/remove PDF-eXPLODE program components.

    Other Conveniences:

    • PDF-eXPLODE Options have a new user interface, making it easier to navigate.
    • A new Cancel item on the Printer Menu makes it easier to cancel a document being processed.

    Price and Availability

    PDF-eXPLODE Version 3 is $495 per single-user license. The price for an upgrade is $99 per license from Version 2 and $199 from Version1. Server license pricing is available on the website at www.pdf-explode.com. Volume discounts are available upon request. To buy, to try a free 45-day trial version, or for more information, visit www.PDF-eXPLODE.com or call 978-579-9526.

    How PDF-eXPLODE Works

    PDF-eXPLODE functions as a Windows printer and works with most existing software. It captures a report or a document being printed and, instead of printing it, converts it to a master PDF.

    It then “explodes,” or bursts, the master PDF into individual PDF attachments and distributes them based on address tags embedded in the original report or document. These tags identify where the PDF attachment is to be sent and the subject/message to be used. Documents may be sent via e-mail, to a printer for future mailing, and/or to a folder for archiving. For more information go to www.pdf-explode.com.

    About United Data Strategies

    United Data Strategies (UDS) is a professional services organization offering Business Objects Certified Professionals (BOCP) who apply the latest skills and methodologies to provide the fastest, most flexible way to put data to work. The company was formed in 2001 by recognized innovators who brought to market the first PC-based reporting tool for Windows, R&R Report Writer. Serving more than 100,000 customers, the founders have gained unprecedented insight into improving performance, uniting the business applications, data sources, and platforms companies are already using to run their business.

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