New Document Creation, Delivery and Archiving Options Allow More Flexibility

MAYNARD, Massachusetts, December 15, 2008 – PDF-eXPLODE, an electronic document distribution tool, is launching Version 2 today to give small and mid-size businesses even more efficiencies and flexibility in publishing and delivering business-critical information, according to the product’s U.S. distributor, United Data Strategies.

With a click of the printer button, PDF-eXPLODE converts a report, a Microsoft Office document or a mail merge document into a batch of individual PDF attachments and securely and reliably e-mails them to the designated recipients. Used in combination with a task scheduler, users can automate routine, personalized mailings for hands-free delivery.

“The new version of PDF-eXPLODE is built on direct feedback from our customers and prospects who asked for specific features to further streamline their document delivery process,” said Rob Hershfield, president of United Data Strategies. “The latest enhancements allow more customization in how companies create, distribute and archive recurring documents, so they can more efficiently keep in contact with their customers, employees and business partners, and streamline their business processes.”

“We worked very closely with the developers of PDF-eXPLODE to implement ideas we had on how the product should function to make it much better for our use,” said Steve Pierson, general manager of Chrom Tech, Inc. (www.chromtech.com). “They were very responsive, and Version 2 meets all our identified needs. The software gives us the flexibility to fully implement PDF-eXPLODE on all our workstations. With the variables available in PDF-eXPLODE, variables available within our accounting software and the use of R&R Report Writer, we have been able to automate the ability to run batch or individual reports within our accounting software to create, name, save to a defined location and e-mail desired reports. Prior to implementing PDF-eXPLODE Version 2, we would manually print to Adobe, manually name the file and manually send the file. I would highly recommend PDF-eXPLODE. Not only does it save time, but it also has really changed how we communicate with customers and suppliers.”

“We are pleased that the developers of PDF-eXPLODE responded to our request for a cover page feature because our clients want to be able to insert a newsletter with employee direct deposit advice,” said Cathey Pangborn of CS3 Technology, a Sage Abra HR consultancy. “This is an enormous time-saving feature that our clients will find valuable.”

New Version 2 Features and Benefits Defined

Below is a rundown of feature highlights

Mail Merge:

We’ve added mail merge capabilities so users can personalize e-mails by including variables in the tag and inserting the variables within the e-mail subject and message.

Cover Page:

Now users can insert a cover page or document at the beginning of every PDF file. This feature is especially useful for including a newsletter or an announcement for greater efficiency and impact.

Dynamic File Naming:

Users can better organize their PDF files by supplying the desired folder and file names in the tag. Each PDF can be directed to a specified folder, and each file name computed according to the user’s business rules. A timestamp on file names also now can be included or removed, allowing the user to preserve multiple versions of a PDF or overwrite them and reduce clutter.

Multiple Output Destinations:

Now users can choose whether to e-mail, print and/or archive a document, depending upon business rules and customer preferences.

Powerful E-mail Addressing:

A document can now be sent to a distribution list. For example, users can associate the name “Managers” with the e-mail addresses of specific managers. This feature is especially useful if the database does not contain the necessary e-mail addresses. A document also can be sent to multiple recipients by including their e-mail addresses in the tag, giving the user the flexibility to control distribution by applying business rules at run-time. There also is now a BCC option to send blind copies.

More E-mail Options:

A different sender name can be specified for each type of document based on the Message ID or the specific client. Users also can set the importance and sensitivity of their e-mail messages. A time delay can be set between e-mails to prevent e-mail server errors arising from too many simultaneous connections.

Quick Mail:

A new Quick Mail feature lets users manually e-mail ad hoc documents without inserting the customary tag. Plus, if using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, users can select e-mail addresses from their existing contact list.

Enhanced Password Protection:

A global password can be applied to all documents to provide basic security with minimal effort, or users can include individual user passwords in the tag to use existing passwords from their database.

Added Security:

PDF-eXPLODE now supports SSL and TLS, two of the most common types of e-mail encryption used by e-mail services such as Google™ G-mail™.

Other Conveniences:

Silent Mode now offers the option to suppress all status windows so users can continue working without interruption during large batch processing. Each time PDF-eXPLODE options are modified, a backup copy is automatically saved in a user-specified folder. PDF files may be optionally backed up to prevent overwriting existing files. Also, when running PDF-eXPLODE from a command line, the print queue window no longer remains open after processing has completed.

“We recently installed PDF-eXPLODE V2 as part of our new electronic e-mail invoicing system,” said Roger Cann, business information officer of allpay.net. “This new version, running alongside Crystal Reports, provides us with all the functionality we need to encrypt, name and distribute individual multi-document files to a growing number of clients, already saving us in the region of £1000 (approximately $1,500) per month. This figure will increase as we persuade more clients to take up this cost-effective and environmentally friendly distribution method.”

Price and Availability

PDF-eXPLODE Version 2 is $395 per license. The price for an upgrade from Version 1 is $149 per license, or only $46 for customers who purchased Version 1 after August 15, 2008. Volume discounts are available upon request. To buy, to try a free 45-day trial version, or for more information, visit www.PDF-eXPLODE.com or call 978-579-9526.


PDF-eXPLODE functions as a Windows printer and works with most existing software. It captures a report or a document being printed and, instead of printing it, converts it to a master PDF.

It then “explodes,” or bursts, the master PDF into individual PDF attachments and distributes them based on address tags embedded in the original report or document. These tags identify where the PDF attachment is to be sent and the subject/message to be used. Documents may be sent via e-mail, to a printer for future mailing, and/or to a folder for archiving. For more information go to www.PDF-eXPLODE.com.

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