Accounting Software Providers, Report Writing Experts See Advantages of Bursting and E-mailing Reports with Click of Printer Button

SUDBURY, Massachusetts, January 10, 2007 – The Outbox, Inc., U.S. distributor of PDF-eXPLODE, is pleased to announce it has signed on a half-dozen channel partners, including OEMs, VARs, shrink-wrap resellers and affiliates, to distribute the recently launched electronic document distribution tool. They include Cougar Mountain Software; Hammerman Associates, Inc.; Ken Hamady, LLC; Netcom North, Inc.; Paragon Computing Solutions; and Xtras.Net.

PDF-eXPLODE, which launched Fall 2006, automates high-volume document delivery, making it easy and cost-effective for small businesses to get their customers, vendors and employees the information they expect on time. With a click of the printer button, PDF-eXPLODE bursts a report, mail merge letter or other office document into a batch of individual PDF attachments and securely and reliably e-mails them to the designated recipients. Used in combination with a task scheduler, users can automate routine mailings for hands-free delivery.

“With the amount of customer data growing an average of 51 percent annually, businesses and customers alike are increasingly relying on reports and other consistent communications to help them streamline relevant information to stay informed,” said Nancy Hershfield, president of The Outbox, Inc. “But the manual process of distributing this information, including sending e-mails one by one, is both inefficient and costly. PDF-eXPLODE lets companies easily communicate regularly with their target audiences by bursting batch documents and securely e-mailing them in PDF format through a single action. In this way, businesses not only save time and money but they also continue to build stronger relationships with customers, colleagues, vendors and prospects.”

“Clients are facing increasing pressure to exchange information more frequently with clients and colleagues,” said Dr. Howard Hammerman, founder and president of Hammerman Associates, Inc. “PDF-eXPLODE offers companies an easy and flexible way to leverage their external and internal communications to help them grow their business.”

“I have seen a growing interest among my clients in automating document distribution,” said Ken Hamady, MS, a leading expert in Crystal Reports® and publisher of The Crystal Reports Underground News. “PDF-eXPLODE makes bursting and e-mailing reports as simple as printing them, which can save users considerable time and money.”

Price & Availability

PDF-eXPLODE costs $349 per license and is licensed to a specific computer. A free 30-day trial version is available. To buy, try, or for more information, visit www.PDF-eXPLODE.com or call 978-501-6171.

About The Outbox, Inc.

The Outbox, Inc., is a marketing communications and business resources company focused on helping companies leverage and share information with their customers, colleagues and vendors. Communications services include public relations and marketing consultation, Crystal Reports consultation and training (Reportemps.com) and software that makes it easy and cost-efficient for businesses to e-mail high-volume targeted communications (PDF-eXPLODE.com). The Outbox, Inc., is the exclusive U.S. distributor of PDF-eXPLODE.

For more information, contact Info@PDF-eXPLODE-US.com .

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