Batch E-mails Customer Invoices, Statements Securely in PDF Format with Click of Printer Button

SUDBURY, Massachusetts, October 20, 2006 – PDF-eXPLODE, an electronic document distribution tool, launches today to make it easy and cost-effective for small businesses to get their customers, vendors and employees the information they expect on time, according to the product’s U.S. distributor, The Outbox, Inc.

With a click of the printer button, PDF-eXPLODE converts a report, mail merge letter or other office document into a batch of individual PDF attachments and securely and reliably e-mails them to the designated recipients. Used in combination with a task scheduler, users can automate routine mailings for hands-free delivery.

“As people demand more information, businesses are increasingly under pressure to find efficient ways to communicate,” said Nancy Hershfield, president of The Outbox, Inc. “But the manual process of printing, sorting and mailing stacks of paper, or sending e-mails one by one, is inefficient and costly. PDF-eXPLODE automates the document delivery process by e-mailing a batch of personalized documents with a single action, making it easy for businesses to communicate regularly with their target audiences to help strengthen business relationships.”

How It Works

PDF-eXPLODE functions as a Windows printer and works with most existing software. It captures a report or a document being printed and, instead of printing it, converts it to a master PDF. It then “explodes,” or bursts, the master PDF into individual PDF attachments and sends them based on e-mail address tags embedded in the original report or document. These tags identify where the PDF attachment is to be sent and the subject/message to be used. Documents can be sent to multiple recipients, and multiple documents for the same recipient are combined into a single PDF, streamlining communications.

Key Features and Benefits

PDF-eXPLODE provides users with the flexibility to determine how involved – or uninvolved – they want to be in the distribution process. It gives them the option to choose between hands-free or manual hands-on processing. They also can choose between default e-mail message settings for easy, routine communications or e-mail customization capabilities for more sophisticated applications.

Below is a rundown of feature highlights:

  • Easy Use and Set-up – PDF-eXPLODE can be used with both text documents and data-driven reports, seamlessly fitting into business workflows. PDF-eXPLODE works with most business applications, including Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, R&R Report Writer, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word (Mail Merge Wizard), Microsoft Visual FoxPro, and accounting and other software packages. As a printer driver, it installs onto most Windows computers on the Printer Control Panel.
  • Automatic and Manual Process Settings – PDF-eXPLODE can be used in silent mode to run without intervention when a document is printed whether from within an application by clicking the print button or from a task scheduler for true hands-free processing. Or it can be set to run manually for full control to set options at any time, displaying interactive pop-up instructions users respond to every step of the way.
  • Standard and Customized E-mail Messages – PDF-eXPLODE defaults to a general e-mail subject and message to make e-mail deliveries as simple and hands-free as possible. For enhanced customer service, it allows customization of e-mail subjects and messages for each individual PDF attachment. In addition, users can create and name pre-scripted e-mail messages – such as “Invoice” or “Monthly Statement” – to send to all recipients of a similar type of document to easily manage report distribution to multiple customers.
  • Multiple Delivery Modes – PDF-eXPLODE can distribute individual PDF attachments through various communications channels. In addition to sending through e-mail, it can send documents to shared network folders for employees to view. In the near future, PDF-eXPLODE will have the capability to send PDF documents to FTP sites for Web publishing. Streamlined Mailings Management and Archiving – PDF-eXPLODE has a number of features for managing mailings. It logs each task performed for job verification so users can review the results of each e-mail and correct any errors. It also saves a copy of each PDF attachment for archiving.
  • Professional Benefits of PDF Format – PDF-eXPLODE leverages the features and benefits of Adobe PDF. In addition to making documents accessible to anyone using free Adobe Reader® software, it preserves the professional appearance of original documents so the electronic and paper versions look identical. It protects the integrity of documents by making them non-editable. It also offers efficiency, making it easy to copy and paste information from documents into other office productivity applications. Secure Sending – PDF-eXPLODE has a number of security features that protect the integrity of documents, including the ability to select whether a recipient can edit the PDF document. In addition, it allows users to password-protect files to further secure their communications.
  • Efficient Operations – PDF-eXPLODE efficiently sends documents directly through a mail server (SMTP) instead of using an e-mail client, such as Outlook or Notes. This feature avoids having to manually confirm pop-up security-block messages. It also provides a choice of e-mail From: address, so e-mails can be sent from any address. In addition, it compresses documents for more efficient delivery and storage.
  • Bonus PDF Creation – While the main purpose of PDF-eXPLODE is to create and distribute batches of PDF documents, it can turn any individual document, such as an Excel spreadsheet, into a PDF without sending.
  • Price and Availability

    PDF-eXPLODE costs $349 per license and is licensed to a specific computer. A free 30-day trial version also is available. To buy, try, or for more information, visit www.PDF-eXPLODE.com or call 978-501-6171.

    About The Outbox, Inc.

    The Outbox, Inc., is a marketing communications and business resources company focused on helping companies leverage and share information with their customers, colleagues and vendors. Communications services include public relations and marketing consultation, Crystal Reports consultation and training (Reportemps.com) and software that makes it easy and cost-efficient for businesses to e-mail high-volume targeted communications (PDF-eXPLODE.com). The Outbox, Inc., is the exclusive U.S. distributor of PDF-eXPLODE.

    For more information, contact Info@PDF-eXPLODE-US.com .

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