PDF-eXPLODE is available in Single-user and Server Editions. The Single-user Edition is available with a 45-day free trial license. Using the trial license, you are limited to exploding 25 PDF files per job and a promotional message is inserted into e-mails. At any time during or following the 45-day trial period, you can activate an unlimited license by opening PDF-eXPLODE and selecting Purchase this software online. Or, you may Buy Now through our secure website. You will receive a license ID via e-mail immediately after your order is processed.

Single-user Edition

Each single-user license is tied to a specific computer and may be shared by all users of that computer. The price for a PDF-eXPLODE Single-user license is $595. Upgrades to Version 4 from Version 3 are available for $135. Upgrades from Version 2 are available for $225 and from Version 1 for $295. Multi-license orders are discounted per the table below

Quantity New License Version 4 Upgrade from Version 3 Upgrade from Version 2 Upgrade from Version 1
1 $595 $135 $225 $295
2 $565 $120 $199 $275
3 $545 $105 $199 $275
4 $535 $95 $199 $275
5 $515 $85 $199 $255
6-8 $470 $85 $199 $255
9 $440 $85 $199 $255
10+ $415 $85 $199 $255

"PDF-eXPLODE is great! We have tested the software and are purchasing it today. We had no problems setting it up to read the e-mail address and it e-mailed out all paystubs. Hats off to you! Not only does PDF-eXPLODE save a company a lot of money, it also is a great time management tool."

— N.N., Accounting Coordinator

KidsAbility Centre for Child Development

"I really must say that you have given us nothing but absolutely excellent customer service from the beginning, and I mean excellent!!"

— R.C., Business Information Officer,

Server Editions

PDF-eXPLODE is available for three server environments. In a server environment, PDF-eXPLODE runs under the ‘Local System’ user account without the computer being logged-in.

  • PDF-eXPLODE Terminal/Citrix Server: This edition runs on a Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix server. Licensed per concurrent-user, it can be configured so that all users share the same settings or to allow each user to have their own settings. It also supports Citrix Published Apps.
  • PDF-eXPLODE Printer Server: This edition runs on a network shared computer as a shared printer. Licensed per concurrent user, all users share the same settings.
  • PDF-eXPLODE Report Server: This edition runs on a server that is also running a report server such as BusinessObjects Enterprise, Crystal Reports Server, SQL Server Reporting Services or another report scheduling application. Licensed per server, any report printed by the report server can be directed to PDF-eXPLODE. This edition also includes PDF-eMONITOR Server, providing the option to explode and e-mail PDF files exported by the report server. PDF-eMONITOR works by monitoring an “inbox” folder for newly created PDF files.

            Click here to get a detailed comparison between the three Server version.

Concurrent-user License (# of users)
1 3 5 10 20 30
PDF-eXPLODE Terminal/Citrix Server  $795 $1,195 $1,695 $2,595 $3,595 $4,795 N/A
PDF-eXPLODE Printer Server $795 $1,195 $1,695 $2,595 $3,595 $4,795 N/A
PDF-eXPLODE Report Server  N/A $1,695

Please Note:

3000AD Systems Pty Ltd and its Resellers make no claim or representation about the suitability of PDF-eXPLODE software to any Client's requirements nor do we claim that the software is bug-free within the Client's environment.

Each Client User is urged to take advantage of the 45 day evaluation and free support during that period, to ensure that the software meets their needs and requirements. To access the free 45-day trial click here

3000AD Systems will on request, provide a temporary 15 day license for any PDF-eXPLODE server version for purposes of trialling that version on your server. Please email Please advise which specific Server version (Print/Terminal or Report Servers), number of Users pack (1,3,5,10 Users) and the server's Windows architecture (32 or 64 Bit).

3000AD Systems do not provide any refunds of purchases for 'change of mind', 'mistaken purchase' or 'unsuitability' claims.

Product packaging is representative - product available only as download. Upgrades available only to registered customers of PDF-eXPLODE Versions 1, 2 and 3.


Priority Support is provided at no charge for the first 60 days from the time of purchase, and is available for purchase thereafter on an annual or per-incident basis. Any per-incident support requested, is charged in advance, at USD$150 for resolution of the issue. There is no restriction on the time spent on the job until the issue is resolved. If you wish to purchase this incident-based support, please enquire about the payment link.

The following is a table showing the current priority annual support pricing:

Product 1
Single-user / Desktop $295 $500 $585 $780 $825 N/A N/A N/A
Citrix Server
$375 N/A N/A N/A N/A $495 $595 $795
Printer Server $375 N/A N/A N/A N/A $495 $595 $795
Report Server $595 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Pricing for other license combinations is available on request. To understand the differences between each Server version, please Read This Article

Please Note:

Effective 1 May 2017, 3000AD Systems will apply a strict rule of 'No processing support will be provided if you do not have a paid Annual Support Plan'. 3000AD Systems reserves the right to hold back on any processing support responses/enquiries, if payment for support has not been made.

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