Green Design Uses PDF-eXPLODE® to E-mail, Fax and Print More Than 1,000 Monthly Invoices

Green Design Indoor Plant Hire ( has been installing, renting and maintaining indoor plants and planters in offices throughout Sydney, Australia and the Central Coast of the State of New South Wales for the past 25 years.

Being a rental business, the company sends out more than 1,000 invoices in one run once a month. In the past, they would print and mail out all their invoices, which was a costly process that would take two people all day to complete.

Now the staff creates their invoices using Crystal Reports and Vision Accounting by Sybiz as their database, and once the report is created, sends the invoices to PDF-eXPLODE, which distributes them.

With PDF-eXPLODE, the distribution process has been reduced to two hours and saves the company an estimated $1,000 a month in time and direct costs.

Green Design required that their new invoice distribution process allow for invoices to be either faxed, e-mailed or printed, depending on the needs of each client.

To allow for multiple distribution processes through the PDF-eXPLODE software, PDF-eXPLODE support staff advised Green Design to utilize a blank Vision database (numeric) field and insert from its Sybiz Vision frontend either a 1(e-mail), 2 (fax), or 3(print), depending on the intended delivery method for the client’s invoice . The PDF-eXPLODE staff then wrote a formula in Crystal Reports that read the field value from the database at runtime. Using the power of PDF-eXPLODE’s “variables” feature, the PDF-eXPLODE document tag in the report was individualized to each client’s Invoice delivery requirement as follows:

  • Accumulate all invoices to be printed into one multi-page PDF to be printed at the end of the processing; or
  • E-mail PDF; or
  • E-mail (where a fax is required) the PDF to an Internet fax server for onward fax delivery.

PDF-eXPLODE support also developed a simple step-by-step manual that includes a method for reconciliation of the invoice numbers to ensure all invoices are distributed. For any files that are rejected or need to be printed (not faxed or e-mailed), Green Design uses PDF-eXPLODE working in sync with PDF-eMonitor. PDF-eMonitor is an add-in product for PDF-eXPLODE that automatically starts PDF-eXPLODE exploding when a PDF is received into a preconfigured folder.

“The support PDF-eXPLODE has provided has been first class,” said Rudy Ursem, General Manager of Green Design. “They are always available to discuss any issues that might arise, and they set up PDF-eXPLODE to fit with the way we work.” Green Designs paid a consulting fee to the PDF-eXPLODE support staff for the Crystal programming, operating manual and customized configuration advice.

Rudy adds: “We have found the program to be free of any bugs or operating issues. The only problems have had to do with the e-mail forwarder not being correctly set up by me! I would definitely recommend this program to other companies having to bulk invoice or mass market.”

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