Ertech Uses PDF-eXPLODE® to More Easily Distribute Remittance Advice and Payslips from Sage Timberline

Ertech Pty Ltd. ( is an Australian company whose goal is “to be the best civil contractor.” They offer services including earthworks, pipelines, roadworks, land development and landscaping. Since its founding in 1981, Ertech has completed more than 1,000 major contracts worth in excess of AUS $1.25 billion (US $1.125 billion).

Ertech uses Sage Timberline as its business software and recently integrated PDF-eXPLODE into its distribution process to allow the company to more easily distribute both remittance advices to their suppliers and payslips to their employees. PDF-eXPLODE generates the remittance advices and payslips in password-protected PDF files. A password for each employee is stored in a custom field in Timberline. The password is passed to PDF-eXPLODE using one of the available PDF-eXPLODE variables.

Before PDF-eXPLODE, Ertech mailed its remittance advices and payslips “at a large cost to the organization and to the frustration of our suppliers who often want to reconcile deposits made into their account as early as possible,” said Gareth Parry, Ertech’s Management Accountant. “PDF-eXPLODE saves us money as we’ve massively reduced our spending on mail.”

It also has reduced requests from suppliers for statements to be rushed to them while awaiting their mail to be delivered. From the payslip side, PDF-eXPLODE has reduced paper handling and waste as well as provided employees with their payslip information in a timely fashion.

“We’re very happy with PDF-eXPLODE,” added Parry. “It’s very easy to set up and use. The support from 3000AD has been great. We’ve had to contact them only a few times, but each time they have been very responsive and followed up our queries to make sure we’ve got the issues sorted. I’d definitely recommend it to others, and we are currently thinking up different ways to utilize it within our organizations.”

In fact, Ertech is planning to link PDF-eXPLODE to the company’s weekly summary reports so they can be distributed automatically to the project managers who may have trouble accessing the Timberline reports from remote locations.

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