PDF-eXPLODE® Meets All Chrom Tech's Report Distribution Needs

Nine PDF-eXPLODE Workstations Automate Reporting

Chrom Tech, Inc., (www.chromtech.com) are distributors of scientific laboratory instrumentation and supplies. The company specializes in chromatographic instrumentation, which is use in research laboratories, clinical labs and QC labs. Chromatography separates the chemicals in a mixture, and then various detectors give quantitative and qualitative identification of how much of which chemicals are present.

PDF-eXPLODE has been implemented on nine of the company’s workstations to automate the reporting process. According to Steve Pierson, general manager of Chrom Tech, the company has implemented variables within its Cougar Mountain accounting software to act as qualifiers as to whether or not a particular customer or supplier will receive an e-mail and PDF. Then it modified reports within R&R Report Writer to look at those accounting qualifiers. It then runs reports from within the accounting software that print to PDF-eXPLODE, which creates the PDF, names the file and stores the file in the folder we want, then e-mails the report to one or more e-mail addresses.

Among the reports Chrom Tech sends are order acknowledgements, proforma invoices, quotes, invoices, credit card receipts, purchase orders and accounts receivable customer statements. In addition they run automatic clearing house (ACH) accounts payable statements of which invoices to apply to a payment. These statements are based on an accounts receivable qualifier identifying which e-mail addresses to send to. The PDFs are created, named, saved to a defined path and variable (account number) subfolder and e-mails sent. This process is done in the Batch Mode so that all reports are generated for a weekly run of ACH payments with one command.

“We worked very closely with the developers of PDF-eXPLODE to implement ideas we had on how the product should function to make it much better for our use,” said Mr. Pierson. “They were very responsive, and Version 2 meets all our identified needs. The software gives us the flexibility to fully implement PDF-eXPLODE on all our workstations. With the variables available in PDF-eXPLODE, variables available within our accounting software and the use of Report Writer, we have been able to automate the ability to run batch or individual reports within our accounting software to create, name, save to a defined location and e-mail desired reports. Prior to implementing PDF-eXPLODE Version 2, we would manually print to Adobe, manually name the file and manually send the file. I would highly recommend PDF-eXPLODE. Not only does it save time, but it also has really changed how we communicate with our customers and suppliers.”

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