CIBER® Celebrates Time Saved with PDF-eXPLODE®

Reduces Invoicing Process from Days to Minutes

CIBER (, a leading international system integration consultancy, was not satisfied with the system it had in place for running large invoice processes to Crystal Reports using PeopleSoft.

Recently, its billing department presented its technology department with the challenge of making the invoicing process simpler and more cost-effective. The company’s top developers went searching, and through a Web query found PDF-eXPLODE and decided to give the software a try.

The company soon discovered that with PDF-eXPLODE, the invoicing task that used to require several full-time employees to manually print, collate and sort invoices over the course of a week now takes between 30 minutes and one hour to complete.

“Now we just add the appropriate tags to the headers of our reports and let PDF-eXPLODE do the rest of the work for us,” says Tom Williams, Jr., corporate PeopleSoft technical manager within CIBER, Inc. “This process frees up valuable resources for other, more important, work. In the near future, we hope to take advantage of PDF-eXPLODE’s e-mailing features to automatically send invoices to our customers.”

PDF-eXPLODE is well worth the investment, adds Williams. “The savings in time, resources and development life cycles is more than enough to recoup your investment. In our case, we recouped our investment the first day we used the software in our production environment. And our customers couldn’t be happier.”

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