Blarney Castle Uses PDF-eXPLODE® to Save Time and Money Distributing Employee Direct Deposit Notifications from Sage Abra HRMS

Founded in 1933, Blarney Castle Oil Company ( is a Michigan-based, family-owned business with more than 90 EZ Mart convenience store locations, propane and fuel oil service, commercial fuel and bulk lubricant sales.

Blarney Castle’s Payroll Department was faced with a large amount of notifications to print, fold, put into envelopes and mail out. It processes payroll for 700 to 725 employees a week.

Blarney Castle integrated PDF-eXPLODE into Abra HRMS to allow it to efficiently e-mail its direct deposit notifications. To date, 275 employees have signed up for direct deposit notifications through e-mail.

PDF-eXPLODE has cut down on the time and expense of mailing out the company’s payroll notifications. “We save approximately two to three labor hours a week and $165 a week in materials and postage,” said Blarney Payroll Administrator Chris Harper. “Purchasing two PDF-eXPLODE programs allows us the capability of having one employee verify and maintain e-mail addresses and the other to send payroll notices. This solution also provides another access to the program as a backup. Considering the cost of these two programs and the support service costs to set up the systems, we had an ROI of two months. Moving forward, we continue to have employees enroll into the direct deposit option, providing more cost savings.”

Harper added that PDF-eXPLODE not only is a “valuable tool” that saves time and money but it also is “very easy to learn and to use. I would recommend it to others because it reduces labor and expense – it is a great money saver. And anyone can learn to use it.”

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